From ITV’s Downton Abbey to the silver screen (although not for the first time). Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley – Downton Abbey & Gilbert Evans – Summer In February) takes on the role of ‘David’ in Simon Barrett’s The Guest. ‘David’ a 20 something soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, explaining he’s an old friend of their son who sadly died in action. Just after David is welcomed into their house and home, a series of ‘accidental’ deaths seem to occur, could it be the Petersons family’s newly accepted guest, or could there be more to this story? So if your up for a good old sit back and relax thriller, and not too much of a heavy ride, be sure to go along and catch a viewing. Released on 5th September and sitting at #8 in the UK box office chart, check it out at a cinema near you. Please, be our guest! Check out the trailer here.



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