The Hollywood Reporter Spins Ron Howard Interview As ‘Star Wars’ Related To Boost Site Visits | Film News

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The Hollywood Reporter Spins Ron Howard Interview As ‘Star Wars’ Related To Boost Site Visits | Film News



In a podcast interview with Josh Horowitz for Happy Sad Confused, Director/Producer/Actor Ron Howard opens up about his career, upcoming projects, previous projects, and professional relationships that have helped shape his incredible career.


And yet, Hollywood Reporter uses the countdown mania for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as clickbait to get people to listen to this interview, despite the fact that his Star Wars related news takes up only 40 seconds of an hour long interview. Because why would anyone want to listen to one of the most successful Oscar-winning directors in the world talk if he has nothing to do with Star Wars?


During the interview, Howard discusses his work with George Lucas for the 1988 fantasy movie, Willow, and credits Lucas as the directorial influence on his life and work. This then does lead into a story about Lucas offering Howard the chance to direct Star Wars prequels 1-3, which he turned down, a choice that he is undoubtedly congratulating himself for now, considering their tragic reputations. The interview then leads just as quickly out of Star Wars as it did in, the host Horowitz clearly understanding that although an interesting story, there are more interesting topics to talk to Ron Howard about than a franchise he was not part of.


I’m excited about Star Wars, I am. So is the rest of the world. But with 3 weeks left until release on December 18, I am already sick of the publicity. It’s EVERYWHERE. It’s in the papers, in the magazines, on blogs, talk shows… I understand promoting a movie. But if there was one franchise that could smash it without any promotion at all, it’s Star Wars. And for Hollywood Reporter to purport the idea that an interview with Ron Howard, Hollywood veteran and one of the most successful directors to exist, cannot stand separate from Star Wars and still be noteworthy is, I believe, desperate.


Listen to this interview, hear what Howard has to say. He has an incredible brain that gives him a vision for his movies others couldn’t replicate, thus their great successes (A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Backdraft, to name a few). He has YEARS of experience in an industry that has changed drastically since his beginnings on Happy Days, and to hear of his personal insight into that is a gift. Even if it has nothing to do with Star Wars.




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