The House & Garage Orchestra + Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers | Music Video


Getting an insight into the production of The House & Garage Orchestra’s remake of classic Garage song “Flowers” is just what we needed on this wintery Friday.


The video conveys the process of the orchestra creating and conducting the music, while Leanne Brown (Sweet Female Attitude) sings the vocals for “Flowers”. Sweet Female Attitude might sound familiar to you, since they sang the original version of the song, edited by Sunship.


The reimagined version starts with a slower stringy sound, more reminiscent of the C&J remix of “Flowers”, rather than the Sunship edit. Nonetheless, as we move into the song the pace begins to quicken, and we recognise the original by the beat.


By reimagining this work in 2018, a fresh new outlook is achieved. The Garage days have been over for a while, but it’s time we brought them back into the limelight, since tunes like this still resonate in our heads, and we still continue to listen to them decades later.


In other words, we want more Garage. Sometimes bringing old songs up like these particular ones from their album, Garage Classics, will spark a resurgence in Garage music, and we look forward to hearing more.


Watch the video below:




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