The Inbetweeners Reunion Will Release In The New Year | TV News


The reunion everybody has been anticipating since the finale in 2010 is finally just around the corner. So close, yet so far.


The 2 hour special will air on New Year’s Day at 9pm, which means after you’ve had a mad night out celebrating the new year, you can watch the boy’s celebration the next day, and it’s likely their’s will have at least a couple more embarrassing events than yours!


James Buckly, who played Jay Cartwright, said “we are like family, and any excuse to get together we’ll take. That’s why we’re doing this show – it’s just an excuse to meet up”.


Set up for laughs, the 4 comedic actors are clearly excited to meet up for the reunion, and this could mean that we’ll get a few more in the years to come. “Any excuse”, right?


Simon Bird told the Guardian last year “I can’t emphasis enough how small that show seemed. It was the first sitcom E4 ever made, with a shoestring budget, first-time writers and a first-time cast”.


(Continued) “We assumed nobody would watch and it would get cancelled. It almost did but it grew and grew, sold well on DVD and off the back of those sales, got a film deal. In a career full of shocks – I’m shocked I’ve got a career at all, frankly – the opening weekend was the biggest. We knew fans would go and see it but it suddenly seemed to reach a whole new audience in a way nobody predicted. A very strange time”.



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