‘The Incredibles 2’ Set To Premiere In 2019 | Film News

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‘The Incredibles 2’ Set To Premiere In 2019 | Film News



The Incredibles 2 has been confirmed and will apparently be set in the present day, depicting older versions of the original characters. In an interview with IGN, director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) revealed that the new movie will focus more on the characters and how they deal with their powers, rather than just being all about the superhero aspects of their lives: “…it’s really [more] about the characters than it is about bursting through walls or something like that”.


There are no solid details relating to the new movies characters or story-line with the release date of 2019 so far in the future, but it’s rumoured that the plot might center around Jack-Jack, the baby of the family, and how he comes to terms with his powers as the older members of his family did in the first movie.


The sequel might also see the return of Edna Mode (Brad Bird) and family friend Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson), but Bird is keeping tight lipped about the production, “If you tell too much there’s no fun for the audience and if you don’t tell anything everyone gets mad and says “there better be a big twist!” You’ll have to wait and see..!”. 


The current premiere date for The Incredibles 2 is June 21, 2019.



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