‘The Innocent Man’ And The Fickleness Of Forensic Science Before 1998 | TV Trailer


After the success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer, new series The Innocent Man will excite true crime enthusiasts to new levels. With wrongly accused men, death sentences and unreliable DNA testing, The Innocent Man series will surely make you wonder what it’d be like to walk in the shoes of two particular men, one of whom wasted over a fifth of his life on death row.


Based on Josh Grisham’s true crime bestseller, The Innocent Man will depict the 1980 Oklahoma case with a twist, showing never before seen footage in the Netflix series.


Delving deep into the dangers of a death sentence in the US, we learn that one convicted man, Ron Williamson, was just 5 days close to being executed. Instead, he was transferred to an institution after being branded medically unwell. Williamson suffered from Bipolar and Schizophrenia and the conditions went untreated for years.


Williamson spent 11 years on death row, while his friend, Dennis Fritz, was also falsely accused and imprisoned, on the basis that they knew each other.


Later in 1998, with new DNA testing, police made a remarkable discovery. The Netflix 6 part series will shock you with the details on December 14, unless you’ve already read about the case, that is!




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