The Inspiring New Single From Sophie Edwards ‘Early Bird’ Is Out Now | Music News


Singer and songwriter Sophie Edwards is set to reach out straight to your heart with her inspiring new single “Early Bird”, a driving indie-pop track that marks her first major release.


Sophie Edwards comes from Canberra, Australia, where she has been performing live since 2015 taking part in festivals such as Groovin The Moo, Googfest and The National Folk Festival.


She has recently graduated at the prestigious ANU School of Music, and after performing an incredible sold-out show in 2019 the talented artist has big plans for the bright future ahead of her.


Featuring driving rhythm, smooth vocals and catchy guitar, “Early Bird” is an engaging folk track infused with pop beats, that Sophie Edwards released with the support of Vacant Room Records.


About the song’s inspiring lyrics, the artist stated that she wrote them “about my experiences wanting to be productive but having people holding me back. I can’t concentrate and work hard when I am too busy dreaming about other people, so I wrote this song to try and get those people out of my head”.


Sophie Edwards held her recent release “Early Bird” close to her heart for years, and now she is ready to reach your heart with her rich voice and touching words, that will surely leave you speechless.


Listen to it here:




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