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The emphasis on going green and our carbon footprint is as ever increasing. Now the beauty industry is seeing the introduction of anti-pollution skin care. The new products claim they protect the skin from irritants and the ageing effect brought to us through the dirty air.  There’s currently a range of beauty companies offering this quality within their items including Clarins, Tata Harper, Dior One, Kiehls and Bobbi Brown.




These ingredients tackling the effects of pollution contain algae, turmeric, ginger, yoghurt probiotics, orange extract and zinc, which are largely known for their inflammatories and antioxidants.


Some sceptics have criticised the products as a rebranding and marketing ploy but others believe their potion of ingredients can create magic with the skin. No doubt with it’s claims of slowing down the ageing effects, this could potentially be one of the next biggest products in the skincare beauty market.



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