The Kills – Doing It To Death | Music Video

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The Kills – Doing It To Death | Music Video

the kills


The Kills, an American indie rock, last released a studio album in 2011. It was their fourth studio album, entitled Blood Pressures, and it kicked up quite a storm for the duo. Now, five years later, they are about to do it again with a fifth studio album, Ash & Ice, that is due for release on the June 3.


Alison Mosshart reportedly said about the new album: “One of the first songs that Jamie brought for the record was called “Ash and Ice”, and we loved the title”.


“I had a drink, and I just threw my cigarette in this glass of ice, and it was just as simple as that. It was like ash and ice, and I said I’ll just call it that. Which is kind of dull. I wish I’d come up with a better story, but that’s the truth of it. And I just like the connotation. It just sort of sounded right, and I liked the idea of it being these two opposite souls. I liked it being the idea of someone with a joint in one hand and a drink in the other”. Jamie Hince added to the explanation.


In anticipation for the upcoming release, The Kills have premiered the first song off of the album. “Doing It To Death”.


Watch the music video for the new single below:




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