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Kim Kardashian West teamed up international eyewear brand Carolina Lemke for an affordable sunglasses collection. “I wanted it to be accessible to my fan base,” the risk taking trendsetter explained. Their first drop consists of seven styles, while an additional six styles will arrive in late spring.


Kim recalls the first pair of sunglasses she was completely obsessed with when she was a teenager. A pair of rimless Christian Dior frames that she and sister Khloe Kardashian wanted so badly that they basically stole them. And now she is launching her own collection and first sunnies collaboration.


Kim’s first Carolina Lemke variety includes fashion shield shapes featuring everything from oversized to race-ready silhouettes. The collection also boasts slimmer, ’90s-inspired frames and a metal model with a round frame. Colors range from black and silver to fluorescent orange and sandy gold.


“There is something for everyone,” says Kardashian. “I want everyone to feel included with this collaboration. We’ve included everything from a big statement shield to a really simple, classic shape. I’ve spent a lot of time developing these glasses with the Carolina Lemke team, and I am so excited to share them with my friends and my family.”


Most importantly, Kardashian West wanted to keep the price point of the glasses at $90 to ensure her followers wouldn’t need to save up tons of money in order to purchase a pair. “I wanted something that was not too inexpensive because I wanted the quality to be really amazing, but then I wanted it to definitely be really accessible to people and to my fan base.” she explained.


The collection dropped on April 2 and is now available on the Carolina Lemke web site. Check out the collection below.





Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Sahara, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Indra, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Rider, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Chaotix, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Dusk, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Nirvana, $90.



Carolina Lemke/Kim Kardashian West – Tempest, $90.



Shop them at Carolina Lemke. They also come in many other colours.



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