The KTNA Give Love A Chance On New Single ‘Summer Never Dies’

Twin sister duo Millie and Hope aka The KTNA, have just released a new single titled “Summer Never Dies”, which is taken from their upcoming sophomore EP Resurgence that represents their long-awaited return with an encouraging and hopeful tone.

What’s excited us most about it is that the project is self-produced as well as self-written by Millie and Hope themselves, which adds to the project’s level of creativity, don’t you think? Not to mention, it’s considered the start of an entire new chapter that adds another musical string to The KTNA’s sonic bow.

“Summer Never Dies” was originally meant to be a love song dedicated to Millie’s partner, which ended up evoking a lot of emotions between the two that convinced them to add it in the EP project.

The KTNA are known for expressing their love and intimacy unapologetically. They are simply not afraid of being too vulnerable by simply being true with themselves. They were born in Kenya, raised and now living in Manchester.

One thing we know for sure is that the music they produce is unique and has the ability to stand out on its own.

“Resurgence has given us a new lease of life, it’s the start of a new KTNA era.. it’s our first evolution. Although we’re still essentially the same sisters of darkness, we wanted to show the world a more upbeat side of us, a new side, dare we say…a grown woman sultry side”, the duo say about their upcomiNG EP.

Listen to “Summer Never Dies” below:


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