‘The Lego Movie 2’ To Be Written By Phil Lord And Chris Miller | Film News


Film duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to write the script for the greatly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel! The LEGO Movie grossed nearly $470 million worldwide and went down a storm with both critics and fans alike so there was no surprise that Warner Bros gave the green light for both a sequel and various spin offs. It seems like a no brainer for the duo to direct the movie if they’re writing it also, but that is yet to be confirmed. Despite the movie being pushed back to 2018, fans are chomping at the bit to get these two writing the script but will they have to wait long before a different LEGO movie is squeezed in? I doubt it, with the two of them working on the TV Series Last Man on Earth, starring Will Forte, we’re looking forward to more from this talented pair!



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