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In an ocean of electro-pop, synthetic and robotic versions of mesmerizing voices, The Lemon Twigs come off strong with their 80s’ vibes, rounded by a clear-cut sound, choral vocals and long hair.


After a solid debut album, the D’Addario siblings are ready to drop a second one, called Go To School, on August 24 and for the occasion they have just released a new single “Small Victories“.


The song retains a specific hippie flavor, expressed by a fast hand on the strings, a rhythm that seems to chase itself and the brothers’ singing attitude in which each voice blends together until it disappears into one, full-fledged sound, that reminds a lot of that of The Beatles.


But despite this sunflower atmosphere that takes you straight back to 1968, the brothers hold on tight to present days with their universally and poignant lyrics. Even though it’s hard to think the lyrics are aimed towards anything in particular, it’s impossible not to draw a more up to date conclusion when they sing “But all is well and all is merry/Even when the times are scary/Every generation is the same“.


Times are scary indeed, problems seems gigantic, especially if looked under the lens, but as the Long Island band candidly sing in their bubbly and fizzy track, things can change as “we’ve been built a world that’s full of small victories“.


In the meantime, catch the band opening for the Arctic Monkeys and listen to “Small Victories” here:




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