The Modern Strangers Release ‘Pass The Lighter’ | Music News

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The Modern Strangers Release ‘Pass The Lighter’ | Music News


Fast rising band The Modern Strangers Have released a brand new uplifting track called “Pass The Lighter”. With its emphasized synths and neo funk essence, the song brings out the desire to get up and dance your heart out.


Max and Archie Davenport always knew they would form a band until it happened accidentally on Christmas Eve 2015. After some drinks, the two brothers made their first song together “Margarita” and The Modern Strangers were created.


They both can sing while Archie adds the guitar. They are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent where they met their drummer, Will Wilkinson and keys player, Jimmy Goodwin. The only thing missing was a bass player, who came out of nowhere when the two brothers where on vacation in Giblatar and met Patrick Murphy.


Their high energy hits are mostly a mixture of their love of the glorious disco era and their mastering to bring it to the present. Elements of indie pop, energetic synthesizer chords and groovy guitar riffs are enough to get your hips moving.


Almost since the start of their career, it seems like BBC Radio 1 have had faith in their abilities leading up to them being featured on BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend alongside with playing in numerous UK festivals like Leopallooza and Secret Garden Party.


In addition to that, they released their second EP in July 2019 called Visions, which drew much more attention to them, leaving people thirsty for more. This autumn, they have got a pretty busy schedule with many live performances all over London, where they are ready to present quality pop with a unique identity.


Listen to “Pass The Lighter” here:




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