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John Darnielle has announced that The Mountain Goats will be releasing a new album in April. Merge Records have released one track from the album via their soundcloud entitled “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”. The song is about a professional wrestler who Darnielle says is his childhood hero. The album Beat the Champ is wrestling themed but The Mountain Goats have stated that the issues they really are dealing with in the songs are “death and difficult to navigate interior spaces“. This is not a new concept at all for Darnielle though, any Mountain Goats fan will know that despite the album’s different themes, they have one all-encompassing one; Darnielle’s life experiences.


He tells the listener things about himself and his life, gives them little hints, little clues in plain sight, through a distancing process of extended metaphor. It makes you feel part of something. This time its wrestling and from listening to the first track from the album, it’s going to work a treat. This will be The Mountain Goats’ first studio album in three years following Transcendental Youth released in 2012. The album will be out on the 7th of April, and The Mountain Goats have announced a tour to follow the release, dates can be found here. “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero” is available to stream below.




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