The Music World Reacts To MPs Decision To Bomb Syria | Music News

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The Music World Reacts To MPs Decision To Bomb Syria | Music News

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On Wednesday night (December 2) the MPs voted a motion that authorises UK military action against the Islamic State. After 10-hour commons debate, the Members voted in favour by 397 votes to 223. Subsequently, a number of musicians has taken the social media to express their opposition to the decision and their disappointment in the MPs.


Grime artist Skepta took Twitter to say: “No matter what we tweet, post or say, the system is gonna do what the f**k it wants“. He was not the only one to comment, singer Charlotte Church wrote: “So sad … just so sad. #notinmyname. To all those who voted for bombs, I wish you a good night’s sleep“. Wolf Alice’s bassist Theo Ellis tweeted, “397 people just made a truly terrible decision. #NotInMyName“, and Keane’s singer Tom Chaplin stated, “What a shame that the idea of a peaceful planet died with @johnlennon“.


Queen’s guitarist Brian May chose to express his thoughts on his website, where he posted a lengthy statement saying, “I believe going in to bomb indeterminate targets in Syria will be the biggest mistake Britain has ever made, and he then compared this decision to Tony Blair’s one to send troops to Iraq in 2003”.


Foreign Minister Philip Hammond told Sky News, “Britain is safer tonight because of the decision that the House of Commons has taken“, but many, in the music world and not, have expressed their doubts about the motion.



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