The Naked Eye – Burned | Music Video

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The Naked Eye – Burned | Music Video


The Naked Eye has released the new visuals for their down-tempo track, “Burned.”


“Burned” purrs out late night vibes with Frenchie‘s (The Naked Eye) sultry voice warming up the laid-back acoustic sound of the track. Described by The Line Of Best Fit as: “A vocal reminiscent of midnight jazz lounges,” Frenchie’s voice is enticing and melodic to listen to in this darker toned song.


“Burned” seems to have a rawness in its melody with its arrangement remaining spare on the record. The brooding track speaks of an intoxicating love triangle heightened by the murky visuals of the video.


In speaking about the new MV, Frenchie reveals that she imagined: “a dramatic and darkly humorous fantasy where the subconscious takes revenge and the male character falls from his shadow self.


Having been heavily inspired by Gustav Klimt‘s biblical tale, Judith And The Head Of Holofernes, “Burned’s” visual begins with the narrator sat amidst a writhing orgy whilst cradling a male figure’s head. Klimt’s tale sees Judith save her village from siege by seducing the invading general, Holofernes.


Following suit, “Burned” draws from the tale’s themes of violence, lust and seduction and the femme fatale of the visual joins two other women to take revenge and lead the wanton male to his death.


A visually stimulating video, each scene is heightened by lighting choices, from seductive reds and greens to the muted glow of bare skin that sets watchers up for the horror to take place in the visual’s chilling climax.


Working with her collective of friends, The Naked Eye is a special collaborative project and “Burned” directed by Braden and co-directed by Frenchie is one part of a trilogy of videos filmed by Rory Langdon-Down and choreographed by Zoee Marsh.


Watch The Naked EyeBurned” below.



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