‘The Nice Guys’ Getting Rebooted As TV Series ‘The Nice Girls’ | TV News


Despite the critical acclaim Shane Black‘s The Nice Guys garnered, from Hollywood’s point of view it wasn’t able to reel in what’s important: money. The film only made $62 million worldwide compared to a $50 million budget, making chances of a sequel extremely low. However, a TV reboot? Sure, why not.


Producer Joel Silver is pushing forward for a TV reboot at Fox titled The Nice Girls. Fox has reportedly given a script commitment to the show, which will be a contemporary take on Black’s film. However, Black won’t be involved, nor will stars Ryan Gosling or Russell Crowe. Michael Diliberti (30 Minutes Or Less) will pen the script.


It’s not yet clear what the reboot will entail, all that is confirmed is that it will be two female detectives solving crime in contemporary Los Angeles.


There doesn’t seem to be too much of a connection to the film, especially without Black’s trademark wit on board, so perhaps it’s a vague attempt to springboard some interest off the film (which we already established was acclaimed but not seen by too many, so will that actually do much good?).


Fox already has a series based on a prior film Black was involved in – Lethal Weapon – so maybe they thought this would be a good companion show?


There’s potential here for something interesting but it may have been easier to simply create a female-led detective show, especially if it’s not set in the 70s where the film excelled, than attempt a vague reboot of a film without many connections to it. We’ll wait and see if Fox even picks up the show and what similarities it has to the film.



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