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The Scottish band The Ninth Wave released their new single “Human Behavior” on October 4. It’s the last one before the release of their forthcoming debut album Infancy on November 15.


November’s album release and accompanying tour illustrates the successful last two years of the band. Between their recent single “Imitation” and “This Broken Design”, which was supported by BBC Radio 1 and supporting YONAKA across the UK and Europe, they are ready to be in the front of the musical scene. Not to talk off recent critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, Noisey and NME.


As exemple, The Guardian described them as “The most undeniably alive thing we’ve heard”.


Taking their influences from 80’s new wave and goth pop, they offer strong pop melodies and guitar riffs, and their latest song titled “Human Behavior” is their first foray into orchestral instrumentation. The track’s soaring vocals from Haydn Park-Patterson, with the lyric “we could just exist, it’s better than saying goodbye”, exploring the end of a relationship.


Speaking about the track, the band say: “Human Behaviour is a song for hopeless acceptance. It was written during the end of a long term relationship and is an expression of the helplessness felt when the two people involved both know that there is nothing to save”.


It’s a dark, enchantress, warm and rhythmic song melting musicians skills and vocal techniques. It’s atmospheric. Listen here:




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