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You might recognize Kate Flannery as alcoholic red-head, party loving Meredith in the US version of hit comedy The Office but now she’s playing teacher in new indie comedy Tenured. Back in 2012, Gil Zabarksy (Solitary Child) and Chris Modoono (League of Wonder) showcased their short film, Teacher of The Year to the Tribeca Film Festival and the flick gained so much positive feedback, they got the green light to go ahead and make a full feature.


Flannery plays Assistant Principal Gruber, who watches as young teacher Ethan (Zabarksy) hits rock bottom when his wife leaves him, leading to a foul-mouthed, disruptive run of the school. As punishment for his less than teacherly behaviour, Ethan must take charge of the school play but uses it as a way of venting his misplaced anger as the rest of the school looks on in horror. Here’s the official synopsis;


“TENURED, written by Gil Zabarksy and Chris Modoono and directed by Modoono, tells the story of Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher whose wife’s recent departure has left him questioning his life and teaching his students that ‘mommies are liars’. When he is put in charge of the school play as punishment for his bad performance, Ethan rewrites the script to be about his marital problems and puts on an unforgettable show for the parents, school board, and his soon to be ex-wife”.


I don’t know much about Zabarksy or Modoono but I am a huge fan of the US version of The Office with Flannery’s performance as Meredith being one that’s seriously underrated, she’s so naturally hilarious so seeing her in this already gives the film a plus from me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the film’s got much else going for it. Unless it’s just a really bad trailer, nothing about it looks particularly laugh out loud funny or even a decent rooted moral to the story. Tenured opens up at the Tribeca Film Festival but keep an eye out for more infromtation on international screenings!



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