‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’: Episode 2 – The Run Of His Life | TV Review

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This week depicted the famous car chase on the freeway between the LA PD and OJ Simpson. Having given OJ special treatment regarding his arrest, he then escapes with his friend AC in a white Bronco. After locating the Bronco on the freeway police cars begin persuing OJ who is threatening to kill himself.


Chaos and embarrassment ensue for the police for allowing OJ the freedom that led to his escape. During the episode exchanges are made between OJ, the police and his good friend Robert Kardashian. It is unclear what OJ is aiming to achieve by running from police and whether he was actually considering killing himself. The episode depicts OJ as undoubtedly suicidal, whether he was or not no one will really know.


The events of the days surrounding this time will only be truly known to those who were there and those close to OJ. Therefore it is difficult to know what is fact and what is guesswork. There seems to be a lot more focus on the Kardashians as a whole and from the trailers, this looks to continue.


As mentioned the exact details of how much the Kardashian family were involved with OJs case is not clear. However it seems irrelevant to the trial. More time should be spent looking at the prosecution and Robert Shapiro, the man who ultimately got OJ Simpson off for double homicide.


These are minor details and do not particularly effect the enjoyment of the programme. Hopefully next week more progress will be made with regards to the trial.

How does a murder suspect disappear from a house full of people?”



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