‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’: Episode 3 – The Dream Team | TV Review

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‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’: Episode 3 – The Dream Team | TV Review

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The case progresses a little further this week. It feels like the audience is now really immersed in this story. Things are getting worse for OJ. The prosecution is almost laughing they have so much evidence to put him away for double homocide. Shapiro is struggling with the case and in need of a new angle and fresh legal support if he is to convince a jury of Simpson’s innocence.


With a little help from Shapiros various powerful legal contacts, he discovers some evidence regarding the LA PD officer who is a key witness for the prosecution. This evidence fuels Shapiros brainwave that could be detrimental for the prosecution.


Shapiro, with the help of The Newyorker uses the recent controversy between the LA PD and African Americans in the community, accusing the Police of being racist and framing OJ for the murders.


This week is definitely more dynamic than last week, which felt rather flat and unexciting. An audience wants to get into the case and find out all the information that was kept quiet. It is crucial for the story to continue developing and uncovering details that contributed to the eventual verdict. Any scene with Marcia Clark in is easily the most exciting and informative.


The unnecessary involvement of the Kardashians occurred again last night. It is difficult to see how their family is relevant to the trial of OJ Simpson. Robert Kardashian is relevant because he was part of the defence team, although so far, he seems fairly useless.


“We have to stop looking at this case like a slam dunk. This article-it’s a declaration of war.”




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