‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’: Episode 4 – 100% Not Guilty | TV Review



Jury selection and the first trial take place this week. Jury selection is a crucial part to this case. It is where many believe this trial was lost by the prosecution, they did not stand their ground when it came to who they wanted in this jury. The people eventually picked were all African American, sympathetic to OJ and had little respect for the LA PD.


As jury selection begins, the defense and prosecution teams get feedback on their personality and how they are received by the public. To her surprise Marcia receives negative feedback, particularly from the African American women. This contradicts everything she previously believed.


Marcia was under the impression these women liked her and would be sympathetic to Nicole. In reality these women were fond of OJ, describing him as ‘handsome’ and ‘charming’. This is a huge blow for the prosecution. Johnnie Cochran (Courtney B Vance) is becoming more prominent and outspoken as part of OJs defense, dividing the ‘Dream Team’ and alienating Shapiro.


The series is getting more exciting now the trial has actually begun. An audience can begin to understand how OJ got away with it, the jury being central to this. Performances all round continue to be convincing.


John Travolta is the biggest surprise, he started slightly unsure but has really got into the character of Shapiro. The series is going from strength to strength; the character development throughout each episode is exciting to see.


“That pile-up of egos called “The Dream Team”. Its a dozen alpha dogs in a cage match. They are going to tear each other up and implode.”




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