‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’: Episode 6 – Marcia, Marcia, Marcia | TV Review

OJ ep 6


This week, the audience has an insight into how badly Marcia Clark was treated during this trial. The episode will shock and surprise due to how the defence and media were allowed such intimate and personal access to her life. This was clearly a difficult and harrowing time for Marica Clark, and an experience that almost traumatized her.


The defence are shockingly tactical and clever; they rely on personality and influence as opposed to cold, hard facts. The big mistake the prosecution made was presuming the jury would not be able to ignore the overwhelming evidence against Simpson; they underestimated the power of Jonnie Cochran‘s mind games and influence over this particular jury.


The credibility of the defence is seriously called into question when they put Simpson’s, neighbour’s maid on the stand. She does far more harm than good and you would think that that would be enough to prove the inconsistencies in the defence’s argument. Unfortunately not. The sloppy mistakes of the detectives at the crime scene are unveiled very quickly by the defence.


The performances all-round continue to impress. The relationship between Marcia and Chris is becoming one an audience can invest in and root for. Cochran is getting more unlikeable by the second; he is extremely tactful but smarmy and incredibly sly at the same time. For now, Cuba Gooding Jr. and David Schwimmer are in the background; the sole focus is on Jonnie and Marcia.


“We need to gather the jury around a fire and tell a better story”.



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