The Planetoids – Your Body | Music Video


A new song has landed from The Planetoids, an indie-disco band based in Hannover. The infectious self-love anthem titled “Your Body” comes with an extraordinary music video, which praises equality and independence.


The Planetoids are an alternative disco four-piece founded in 2014 in Hannover, Germany, by Jonas Sercombe (Vocals, Guitar), Piet Charlet (Bass), Sven Templin (Keys) and Luca Ahlers (Drums). They produce danceable, upbeat tracks, which melt together tasteful indie-rock vibes and 80s disco beats.


Having released their latest short album Indigo earlier this year, the group are set to follow it up with another EP called Canary on November 22. In the meantime, fans can listen to brand-new singles from The Planetoids, including “Soda Pop” due to come out next month.


“Your Body”, a unique combination of indie-rock guitars, smooth vocals and modern production, carries an important message about not giving in to society’s expectations. The song, which evolved from a demo penned and recorded by vocalist Jonas Sercombe, is accompanied by a meaningful music video.


The clip inspired by the band’s original idea features 40 women walking around with baby buggies and ends with an unexpected twist. The unusual and colourful visuals helmed by Jonas Weu correspond perfectly to the track’s powerful lyrics.


Watch the video for “Your Body” here:




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