‘The Ridiculous 6’ – Just Don’t Watch This Film | Film Review

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‘The Ridiculous 6’ – Just Don’t Watch This Film | Film Review



Seriously? Why does anyone let Adam Sandler act anymore? Giving this man free reign over any project is the epitome of the word “boondoggle“. I’ve seen better acting from Tommy Wiseau, and that’s saying something because at least The Room was funny.


Yes, I have to get through an entire six pack before The Room gets bearable, but that certainly must tell you something about The Ridiculous 6. Ah well. We’re here now, I’ve watched it, I’ve suffered and now it’s time for you to suffer too. So Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy reading as I tear 50 shades of shit out of Adam Sandler, oh and his film too.


So, where to begin. First of all, the budget. Now this angered me more than it probably should, but picture someone giving you $60 million… Yeah! You could do a lot with that. Buy a home for your kids, retire and begin to grow old with your partner while still being able to donate a ton of it to charity. You know, useful stuff. Yet, when Adam Sandler is given this budget, he literally produces the biggest heap of manure physically possible for the sheer purpose of “comedy“.


Yes, to those of you who have seen the film, that is a reference to the donkey whose entire purpose is to project all of Adam’s “comedy” across the film set. Has no one realized yet that humour based on bodily functions is no longer, nor has it ever been funny. I just think now that Sandler is rich, he’s decided to give up on comedy because he knows he can get away with this stuff and people will keep flocking back on the off chance he recaptures his golden years of Happy Gilmore.


Besides the budget, the acting remains dry throughout. And of course it does, with the likes of Rob Schneider in it. Having acted beside Sandler numerous times, we know we are not going to see an Oscar worthy performance from him, especially when even his funniest sketches were really not that funny. Anyone remember Deuce Bigalow?


To further add to this we have Taylor Lautner, who was famous once, Steve Buscemi, who has my ultimate respect for breaking out the same reused role and into Boardwalk Empire, let’s just assume he did this film for a new car, and even Danny (please don’t cut me?) Trejo. Who I think is my favorite character in this film just because Trejo always gets a laugh from me. Why? Because I’m scared he might come to my house. Now let’s get started on Adam Sandler’s performance…


Good, I’m glad I got that out the way.


Anyway, while some of their performances are manageable, there is still no bringing this one back from the brink. With an exasperated attempt at humour around each scene, it just reeks of trying too hard or not trying whatsoever. I can’t really tell the difference anymore. On top of which, there is the key flaw in all of Sandler’s movies and that’s bringing back all old stereotypes.


Which I suppose in reality was the purpose of this film. For those of you who don’t know, Sandler created it in order to mock old Western films and the cliches you encountered in them, like how John Wayne always played the same character. But the sad reality is he went too far and as a result some of the Native Americans hired for extras, walked out on set.


Not only this but he even failed to achieve his initial goal and instead of poking fun at old western films, he instead poked holes in his ever sinking comedy career. Even the characters stick to their old cliches, Schneider is a Simpleton, Trejo the psychopath, Lautner a simpleton, Sandler a simpleton with the overly hot love interest. And as always, Sandler seems to rely on the same formula for his films.


But I suppose I will have to give some credit where it’s due. The cinematography is impressive and the scenery is well done, each shot is easy on the eye and I don’t get motion sickness from any shaking cameras (thanks a bunch Cloverfield) and even with this, I think it was only good because someone went up to Sandler and told him to stand in the corners while they filmed, just so he didn’t grease up the lens or forget to take the filter cap off.


And that is literally it, that’s all that’s good to be said about The Ridiculous 6 and you can only leave this film thinking “See you at the Razzies Adam“.



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