‘The Ring 3’ Now Titled ‘Rings’ With Matilda Lutz To Lead | Film News


Despite fears that The Ring 3 (or The Ring 3d) would never actually see the light of day, despite F. Javier Guiterrez taking helm on the flick, new information appears to suggest the newly titled Rings is closer to production than ever. While nothing is officially confirmed, The Wrap has reported that Italian actress Matilda Lutz to set to lead the new horror with Samara and the dreaded video tape returning to haunt her.


Lutz has a few different titles to her name like The Fifth Wheel, Somewhere Beautiful and the television series Fuoriclasse but is generally a newcomer, something that I’m sure will play in her favour coming into a franchise like The Ring. It’s refreshing to see a new face in the horror mix. With Samara returning also, it will be interesting to see how close to the original concept, Guiterrez will stick to. Still, with a much needed decent script still in wanting, horror fans will have to wait this one out for now.




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