The Roots Team Up With Amazon For Two New Children’s Series | TV News


Hip-hop band, The Roots, and Amazon are putting their efforts together to create an animated and live-action version of a series tentatively titled South Street Sounds.


The Roots members, Tarik Trotter and Ahmir Thompson, will play an active part in the production as executive producers along with their manager, Shawn Gee, and Brian Sher. Becky Friedman will be writing while the soundtrack (obviously!) will feature some of The Roots’ hits!


South Street Sounds is centered around the lives of three friends growing up in a musical neighborhood. With such a musical setting, it’s completely natural that the three friends end up forming their own band, South Street. Made up of the creative-scatterbrain, Zora, future-entrepreneur, Nick, and disaster-averse, Tyson, the three take on a number of bizarre gigs.


Our love for music started as young kids, and we hope to inspire a generation of future artists, musicians and music fans through the stories we tell and the music they hear on these shows,” said Trotter.


If you’re having a hard time remembering where you’ve seen or heard of The Roots crew, they’ve won four Grammys and serve as the official house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


This looks like an exciting opportunity to foster a love for music in a younger generation, so keep your eyes peeled for further details about both the animated series and its live-action counterpart!



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