The Rose – Baby | Music Video

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The Rose – Baby | Music Video


The Rose is a South Korean band formed by J&Star Company. The band is formed of: Woosung as lead vocalist and electric guitarist, Dojoon as main vocalist and keyboardist, Jaehyeong as drummer, and Hajoon as bassist.


Before they released popular songs “Baby” and “Like We Used To“, the band was a very well known indie group but with a famous mainstream hit – “Sorry” – which came out August of last year.


Last December, the band held their first solo concert, The Black Rose Day, at the Mpot Hall in Seoul. The group performed their famous singles, covers of other songs and unreleased songs titled “Photographer” and “Beautiful Girl“.


“Baby”, their newest hit, expresses the sadness of having to say goodbye a lover when the feelings are fading. The progressive song consists of many different instruments and effects that build as the song progresses.


This is the first single of their first mini album Void which includes “Sorry” and other songs like “Candy (So Good)” & “I.L.Y.“.


Watch the music video below:




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