The Russo Brothers Set To Direct ‘The Avengers 3 & 4’ | Film News


Along with the news that Iron Man and Captain America will be clashing as part of the Civil War storyline, it has also been announced that Marvel is looking to have The Russo Brothers direct the next two Avengers movies. The Russo brothers recently directed Captain America: Winter Soldier and it must have made such an impact on Marvel to ask them to return for Captain America 3 as well as Avengers 3 and 4.


For Captain America 3, The Russo Brothers will be focusing on the Civil War storyline in which where a government legislation demands the unmasking, registration and service of anyone possessing super-powers. Iron man and Captain America collide in this storyline and each of them take different sides… But I am not telling you who takes which side! You will just have to read the Marvel graphic novel Civil War to find out! Captain America 3 is due to hit the silver screen on 29 April, 2016 followed by The Avengers 3 in 2018.



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