The Safes – Streets And Sanitation | Music Video

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The Safes – Streets And Sanitation | Music Video


Chicago-based rock band The Safes has just unveiled the visual for their single “Streets And Sanitation”. This track came from their album which was released in September titled Tasty Waves. The international online magazine Pop Matters said about Tasty Waves:


“Tasty Waves treats listeners to 10 tracks channeling Big Star, Guided By Voices and Rockpile. ‘Mediocre Jokers’ and ‘Nobody Cares Anymore’ recall the amphetamine-addled Beatles in their Hamburg days, but filtered through the future tense of New Wave, LSD and the oncoming train of postmodern irony”.


This says much about the garage group who have a bit of interesting batch of lyrics that will make you laugh, think, wonder, agree and cringe of their music.


The new music video is directed by James William Glass and features found footage of what appears to be an alternate universe, making it fit the perfect vibe for those not ready to move past Halloween quite yet. The rock group has become more known for their songs that is lo-fi pop which reaches out to different crowds.


Watch the video for “Streets And Sanitation” by The Safes here.




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