The Shires Leading Country Music Revival In The UK | Music News


Country music is making a revival this summer in the UK. With The Shires, the first British country band to watch their album glide into the top 10 of the UK album charts, showcasing their talents up and down the country in various venues and festivals, the long-forgotten sound of country is becoming increasingly more popular, gaining widely spread support from the British music lovers. The genre is now being seen as remarkable by record labels and the music industry and desperately trying to catch up to the growing demands of the country.


Lyrics from the broken-hearted and toe-tapping tunes filled the London O2 last weekend as American acts such as Lady Antebellum headlined a two-day country music festival. Crowds of over 50,000 were eager to hear more of the dying genre and with next year’s CountrytoCountry festival selling out fast, it seems that the music rooted from the U.S. is getting a kick back to life in Britain. There’s even rumours of the festival becoming an annual British tour, because of its success and rising profile of Country music in the country.




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