The Silent Scene – Cities EP | New Music


New York based four-piece boy band The Silent Scene is a perfect example of the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover (or a record by its case)“, because at first glance, you would expect to hear the band create cheeky Pop associated music similar to all the other charming boy-bands out there. However, after one listen to their debut EP Cities which was released on August 12, it is clear just how truly unique and quite simply brilliant these boys are!


The musicality that aviates from their debut is captivating, well-crafted, and could be seen to be paving the way for a new genre defying movement. The Silent Scene’s have revamped the traditional four-piece format by infusing elements of electro-house and indie-dance to create a completely new sound that molds together, a refreshing blend of indie-rock and electro-pop, and after a year of developing a new identity, the release of their EP Cities shows they are already cementing their mark in music! Listen to The Silent Scene’s debut EP Cities right here.




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