‘The Simpsons’ Share Scenes From Unmade Prince Episode | TV News



In pop culture, you know you’ve made it if you appear as a yellow caricature of yourself on the most popular animated show of all time, The Simpsons. There have been countless celebrity appearances over the show’s long history, many getting their own dedicated episode and storyline, including Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga.


Despite having a brief appearance in one of the many Treehouse of Horror Halloween Specials, Prince, the late music legend, never got his own show written all about him. However Al Jean, the producer and show runner, has now revealed online that the Prince episode was in the works and the original script has got fans very excited.


The opening scene sees Lisa try, but ultimately fail, to get tickets to a Prince show (We’ve all been there!) and her attempts are compromised by a spider. Marge’s sister, Selma, is revealed as a superman and has watched and loved Under the Cherry Moon, a less than stellar film featuring Prince. Madcap as ever but equally sweet, The Simpsons seems a fitting May to pay tribute to such a global star. RIP Prince.




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