The So So Glos Release Details Of Upcoming Album | Music News

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The So So Glos Release Details Of Upcoming Album | Music News

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The So So Glos consists of Levi Zaru (lead vocals, bass), Ryan Zaru Levi (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Lasser-Elkin (guitar), Zach Assa-el Staggers (drums). The group have released details of their upcoming album Kamikaze, which is due for release on May 13. You can listen an exclusive stream of their opening track on the album “Dancing Industry” via Billboard here, as well as an interview with the band.


Kamikaze features some of the bands rawest songwriting yet which includes themes surrounding heartbreak, hurricanes, feminism, climate change, nervous breakdowns and more. They said of the upcoming album:


“That concept of self-awareness, acknowledging it in order to combat the problems you see in yourself and the world, is a theme that runs through a lot of our music and our message,” Aleksander continues, reflecting on the path to Kamikaze — a path that has made it all the more embedded with meaning”.


Kamikaze track listing:
01. Dancing Industry
02. A.D.D. Life
03. Going Out Swingin’
04. Devil’s Doing Handstands
05. Magazine
06. Sunny Side
07. Kings County II: Ballad Of A So So Glo
08. Fool On The Street
09. Cadaver (Career Suicide)
10. Inpatient
11. Down The Tubes
12. Missionary



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