‘The Sound Of Music’ Doesn’t Come Cheap | TV News

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‘The Sound Of Music’ Doesn’t Come Cheap | TV News

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It has long been known that ITV are adapting The Sound of Music, the beloved musical that originally starred Julie Andrews. What was not known, however, was that ITV have had to fork out a huge budget of £2 million. In a story reported by The Guardian, ITV’s live adaption required 177 costumes and employed more than 400 cast and crew members.


However, it was never going to be a cheap date as according to ITV’s director of entertainment and comedy Elaine Bedell:This is the first time in the U.K. that this type of project has been attempted- a music drama both performed and broadcast live“.


For their ambitious crack at the 1965 classic, they have employed the services of beloved Eastenders star and strictly contestant, Kara Tointon, to play Maria Von Trapp; Julian Ovendon as Captain Georg Von Trapp; and popular actor and quiz host (and now singer) Alexander Armstrong as Max Detweiler. For those who don’t know the story, The Sound of Music is about a nun-in-training, Maria, who is sent to the home of retired naval officer, Captain Von Trapp, to be employed as Governess to his seven unruly children.


With a voice as fine as lace, Maria brings music and happiness to the Von Trapp household and falls in love with the Captain. ITV will be hoping for good things with their adaption when they consider the success of NBC’s live version, which brought in 18.5 million views. To see ITV’s The Sound of Music Live, tune in on December 20 at 7:30pm.



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