‘The Strangers’ Director Returns With ‘Mockingbird’ | Film Trailer


Audiences were rightly freaked when Bryan Bertino made The Strangers, where a young couple are terrorized by three masked assailants, so when news of Bertino’s second film, Mockingbird, hit the internet, an eerie chill ran down the spines of horror junkies across the globe. However, looking at the trailer, the sense of terror kind of falls short. Have we had enough of the shaky hand held camera effect that’s taken over the horror genre as of recent? Is it over for the found-footage sub-genre? Well if it is, bad luck because Mockingbird tells the story of three individuals who each receive an unmarked video camera and instructions to film themselves or meet a bloody and painful death.


There’s no lying that if you’re a light weight in the horror world, the terrified cries of a women on a bathroom floor or the imagery of a distorted clown of death is going to give you the heebie-jeebies but other than that, I can’t say I’m overly shaking in my boots. However, with a trailer that doesn’t give much away in terms of real narrative construction, we’ll try Bertino to pull something monstrous out of the bag. Starring Audrey Marie Anderson and Todd Stashwick, there’s no definitive news as to when Mockingbird will hit UK cinemas but check out the trailer to keep you going.




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