The Struts – One Night Only | New Music


The Struts have released their new single “One Night Only”, which is the first piece of music to be revealed from the band’s forthcoming album.


The band released their debut album Everybody Wants in 2016 to massive success and this new project seems to go in the same direction.


Speaking about the new song, lead single Luke Spiller said: “This song is mainly about the relationship between a performer and his/her audience. After touring throughout the United States, we’ve developed a strong relationship with our audience and started to feel more responsibility to them—mainly to give a great show every night.


The song has many theatrical moments, making the arrangement one of the most ambitious songs we’ve done. It’s definitely over the top and larger than life, but after experiencing our audience and how they react to our music, I think it’s even more fitting”.


The band have recently played support roles for The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns N’ Roses and The Killers. The group’s live performances are always impressive, with so much energy and their audiences always enjoy it.



The single is available on iTunes, Google play and Spotify.



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