‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ To Be Renewed For Five More Years | TV News


The popular TV show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has just been renewed for five more years with of course, Jimmy Fallon as the star TV talk show host. It is quite a long-term engagement for both the host and NBC, which airs the show on its channel.


The renewal comes after Jimmy Fallon recently extended his contract in November, with his previous contract set to run through the end of 2021. It’s understood that the Tonight Show renewal was completed some time ago. The late-night mainstay has been such a part of the fabric of NBC that its renewal was just a formality.


Susan Rovner from NBC Universal Television (NBCU) has confirmed the renewal of the show, so we will have this talk show for a few years still. No other details about the contract were elaborated. NBC previously assigned news and sports veteran Jim Bell to help steer the show in 2018, in the wake of The Tonight Show slipping behind CBS’s Late Show.


As the company went through a restructuring of its TV operations last fall when Rovner signed on to lead content operations after more than twenty years as a top creative executive at Warner Bros. TV, Rovner noted that NBCU’s new centralized TV content group has ordered 80 new series and special events.


Jimmy Fallon has been very busy these past years, so to see that the talk show is still on, will only mean more projects and more shows to come from the host.



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