The Veronicas – You Ruin Me | Music Video


After the teaser was released, fans have been eagerly awaiting The Veronicas comeback, and now the Origliasso sisters have released the music video for the track “You Ruin Me”, extracted from their upcoming third album. The video’s essence is ultimately; unique intense and strongly unfamiliar yet alluring. It also draws on the emotional aspect of the lyrics rather than the technical description.


Definitely a change from The Veronicas’ original palette of Pop beats, the video opens showing flashes of an empty modern theatre, a normal muse for many music videos. However having touches of slow but indefinite movements that are invisible to the naked eye but capturing, cause a change of atmosphere. We see the sibling arrive in true rock star form pulling up in a fancy black sheen car with white-framed statement glasses in the pitch-black night.


Turning of the radio oh so casually and heading towards the boot for what seems like a tied up pair of hands, leaving viewers confused and intrigued to find out what is going on. We see the singers look down from the balcony in a ‘God Father’ fashion, as they settle down individually on the piano and dressing room, as the music begins amidst the beautiful white smoke. The video and music move at their own pace drawing parallel and emphasis to the lyrics. A good proportion of the video centres on a story of a ballet student and her relationship with her teacher under the watchful eyes of her peers and how things go wary, hence the song title “You Ruin Me”.


The sisters take centre stage and sing to what looks like an empty theatre with violins in tow. The lights go off the singers and jump back to the seats uncovering the dance teacher struggling as he is tied to the chair hinting the end of the song and thus a tale of revenge. All I have to say is watching the video is an experience in itself and very creatively done with dark stylish demure and centres on the singers’ vocals rather than the beat. So do check it out here.




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