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Britpop assumes a new shape through the new song of The Vitriots, who are definitely rewriting the genre with some ingenious additions that are enriching the Australian musical scene. Their inspiration comes from 70s Punk Rock and the Grunge of 90s.


While playing dreamy riffs that cover the far voice of the singer, the scorching sound of the guitar melts perfectly with the powerful drums. The somnolent vocal of the singer make even bigger, the sensation of living in a dream, while listening to them.


“I Wanna Be Somebody” sings the vocalist without too much conviction and a bite of cynicism. The unique way in which the bass lines play with the guitar and the voice give to the song the impression of being one instrument playing compact.


As Brandon Jack said about the musical production of the song: “Instead of getting a new drummer, I just used drum samples and explored some more electronic elements that could be added to the songs. That’s how I Wanna Be Somebody came about. The Vits is changing and evolving and I don’t know how it’ll look moving forward“.


The Vitriots made their debut only in 2018, when their reputation started increasing through the success of their first singles.


Their previous works have had success on digital streaming platforms, accumulating over 40K streams each for “Long Way Down” and “Regret” on Spotify and “Pinball Wizard” reaching 34K streams on Apple Music. These are just the first steps of a long-run travel to the peaks of success.


Listen to “I Wanna Be Somebody” below:




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