‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Opener Smashes US Viewing Figures | TV News


Series 5 of zombie apocalypse TV drama The Walking Dead started this week and hit America’s TV screens last Sunday night. The show has now entered the record books with the biggest viewing figures (for a non sporting TV program) in the US ever. Watched by over 17.3 million people, the flesh eating survival series has also gained record numbers for the amount of people obtaining the show illegally, as reported by Variety.


With 1.27 million piracy downloads recorded by piracy trackers firm Excipio within the first 24 hours, the drama only takes 2nd place in the illegal download records, with TV series Game of Thrones taking the top spot with over 1.8 million illicit downloads. American broadcasting company FOX have also been reported to have rushed the series to some 125 markets around the world in the effort to stump the amount of illegal downloads. The Guardian reviewed the newly released episode names Ripped Up the TV Rule Book and called it a “humdinger of a premiere episode“, and a “mini action movie“.



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