‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 10 – The Next World | TV Review

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 10 – The Next World | TV Review



Spoilers Ahead!


Last time we saw our heroes successfully fend off the Walker horde that had invaded Alexandria. For the first time, the once helpless denizens took up arms and came to aid Rick and the rest of the gang. Many lives were lost, and the episode concluded with a renewed Rick affirming his resolve to change upon his blinded son Carl.


Today’s episode starts off with sheer optimism, with some visuals and audio cues that indicate some times has passed since. Carl has seemingly become accustomed to his injury, all the while the rest of the group appears to have settled into the domestic setting.


The pacing remains slow throughout the episode and for good reason, as the tension present throughout the first half of the season has finally reached a point of dissipation. Though few in number, the notable moments really changes up our perception of the show. The mysterious character known as “Jesus” for example finally makes his debut, carrying a sense of irony due to the contrast between his actions and namesake. Spencer also reaches closure over the deaths of his family, as he personally lays his mother Deanna down to rest.


Perhaps the biggest game changer however IS and NOTE THIS IS A SPOILER…




Rick and Michonne finally get together! that’s right folks, the long-awaited pairing has finally come to light. At the episode’s conclusion, the two share moment over a pack of mints and one thing led to another and well bing bang boom… Of course it doesn’t truly end there per se, because a cliffhanger is once again put into place when Jesus (who was supposed to be bound and watched over) intrudes upon their intimate moment.


All in all, a successful follow up to an action packed mid season premiere. It allows audiences to re-adjust themselves as well be introduced into this newly developed character of Rick and his domestic setting. Though the scene between Rick and Michonne could’ve gone better, it was none the less quite an important moment within the season. In spite of this however, we all know the peace won’t last. Negan will be debuting very soon too, and from what we learned during last week’s episode, there will be blood…



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