‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 9 – No Way Out | TV Review

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 9 – No Way Out | TV Review



Spoilers Ahead!!!


The Walking Dead returns to television with a bang, and quite literally as a matter of fact. Previously the midseason finale saw our heroes trapped in their own back yard, as the Alexandria Safezone is swarmed by walkers unleashed by an unknown group.


The episode immediately begins with a group of bikers harassing Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Introducing themselves as members of Negan’s group (DUN DUN DUN), they’re quick to exhibit their brutality and lack of compassion. They reveal their intentions to ransack Alexandria of everything useful, before leaving everyone behind for dead. Of course, our heroes won’t stand for this and well, something spectacular happens.


Moving on to the point! the most exciting scenes happen within the safe zone itself. Rick and the group are trying to circumvent the horde by covering themselves in guts, walking hand in hand with the hope of not attracting attention. Carol and Morgan are out cold, while the ‘W’ man takes Denise kidnap and connects with her. A lot of action happens during this episode, something that has been quite consistent throughout the season.


It heralds the return to form of the series, bringing us as far away from the slow pace of the past seasons before it. Glenn also comes close to call again this time around, as his attempts to save Maggie almost left him at the mercy of the walkers. For those who have read the series however, we all know where this is all going and makes us dread it even further.


The episode succeeds in mixing both Action and Drama well, and renews the character of Rick as a possible reliable leader. Its conclusion has left many fans uncertain about a particular character’s fate, and yet its impact has reaffirmed Rick’s belief in humanity and the possibility of maintaining civilization.



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