The Weeknd Continues Grammy Awards Boycott Despite Rule Changes | Music News


Canadian singer The Weeknd has reacted to the new Grammy Awards rules, which were recently announced by the Academy.


After not receiving any nominations for the 2021 Grammy Awards, the singer called the Grammy Awards “corrupt”, particularly because of the Recording Academy‘s secret committees that decide who is and isn’t in the final voting pool in many categories.


In response to these accusations last Friday, the Academy decided to change its nomination process by abolishing these secret committees. The list of nominees will now be decided by a majority vote of the Academy’s voting members.


Despite this change, The Weeknd has decided to continue his boycott of the awards. He spoke to Variety Magazine saying, “The trust has been broken for so long between the Grammy organization and artists that it would be unwise to raise a victory flag,”


“I think the industry and public alike need to see the transparent system truly at play for the win to be celebrated, but it’s an important start”.


The Recording Academy also added that the dissolution of the committees had been in the pipeline for some time, with the academy president adding that, “Any time an artist, especially one of that stature, calls our process into question or thinks something is unfair… the Academy is of course going to be affected by that, and want to work to make things better”.



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