The Weeknd To Release New Song As NFT | Music News


The Weeknd is following the hype around NFTs, with the announcement that his brand new song will be released as a Non Fungible Token (NFT).


NFT is a special way to sell a digital property at auction and give a unique certificate of ownership to the buyer, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of art and media sales, and the singer recently announced that he will soon join this movement.


He tweeted on Tuesday, March 26, “New song living in NFT space. coming soon…”. The famous Canadian singer did not reveal the title or the release date but stated that this song will be a part of his current After Hours era, by adding two other tweets – “[P.S.] this chapter isn’t quite done yet…” and “still tying some loose ends”.


The release of this future project as an NFT will certainly be highly awaited by the fans of the artist, who launched his fourth album that is already certified double-platinum, exactly a year ago.


This is not the only event concerning the “Blinding Lights” artist, he also just re-released his 2011 debut mixtape House of Balloons in celebration of its 10th anniversary.


The Weeknd definitely knows how to tease his projects and we recommend you to stay tuned for this promising NFT track that we should know a bit more about soon.



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