The Weeknd Unveils ‘Out Of Time’ Video Featuring Jim Carrey and HoYeon Jung

The Weeknd’s newly released music video has not failed the audience in originality. Known for his strange and intriguing videos, the new visuals for “Out Of Time” has amazed fans even further this time, by featuring two fellow stars.

HoYeon Jung, the young South Korean model and actress known for her remarkable appearance on Squid Games stars in the video, but The Weeknd did not stop there and also features Jim Carrey in this music video. Carrey is also the narrator of The Weeknd’s recently released Album Dawn FM.

Last year, The Weeknd performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, which was a great chance to promote his new album. Amazingly, The Weeknd was one of few artists releasing new music right in the middle of the pandemic. He has recently overtaken Justin Bieber as the most-listened-to artist on Spotify.

Co-produced with Max Martin, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Oscan Holter, “Out Of Time” is the third single from the fifth studio album of the star Canadian singer and songwriter.

“Out Of Time” narrates a romance between The Weeknd and HoYeon Jung, one in which there is chemistry but seems like something is missing. This might be the trauma from past relationships as the lyrics suggest. The dark end happens with Jim Carrey acting like a doctor who appears to put a mask over The Weeknd’s face.

Watch the video here:


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