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US indie rock band The Whelming Waters are made up of three high school friends John, Collin, and Nina, as well as Collin’s sister Kelcie and her own husband Jereme, with longtime friends Andy and Kristen completing the band later on, and Bon Voyage is their genre-bending debut album, which has just been released independently.


“Whiskey Song” is the focus track from the album, which sees the 7-piece band fusing rock n roll, blues, folk and country music together to come out on the other side with a sound that they are firmly describing as “the sound of The Whelming Waters“.


Musically, the band play mandolin, guitar and violin, which form their folk foundation, as well as saxophone and keys, to fully form their sonic profile. The band have no genre restrictions and their songwriting takes a “no rules” approach, with their music characterized by catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, aching harmonies and heartfelt ballads.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the writing of their album Bon Voyage, The Whelming Waters say, “our songs tend to have a variety of sources of inspiration and cover a lot of different subject matter. We like to subvert common tropes in songwriting and often times create larger themes using simple everyday struggles or observations.


Song themes can vary greatly, revolving around anything from storytelling to playful self-deprecation to intense introspection. We love taking ideas that most would say you could never write a song about and making it happen“.


Listen to “Whiskey Song” below and purchase their Bon Voyage album here.




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