‘The Wife’ Director Björn Runge To Direct Sci-Fi Drama ‘Stardream’ | Film News


Swedish director Björn Runge is having a good couple of days. Having helped earn Glenn Close her third Golden Globe award yesterday for her lead role in his film The Wife, Variety now reports that he has signed on to direct the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, Stardream.


The script has been penned by Felix Harrison, and follows the journey of hundreds of thousands of people who board a spaceship to escape Earth and travel to a distant planet in a post-apocalyptic society. But when the ship begins to malfunction, the command team onboard develops an AI named Stephen. But Stephen forms a profound attachment to his creator Andreya, and trouble begins.


Harrison’s other sci-fi script, Far Edge Of The World, topped the 2016 Brit List, which is the British equivalent of the American Black List of best unproduced screenplays that year. The film will also re-team Runge with his director of photography and editor on The Wife, Ulf Bråntas and Lena Runge, respectively.


Runge said in a statement regarding his involvement:


“It is an absolute privilege to be a part of ‘Stardream’. Dealing with big questions about humanity, this is a powerful drama with hypnotic possibilities that will take everyone involved to a new level of filmmaking. The audience will be invited into a mind-blowing experience about loss and love”.


It’s a left turn, but an interesting one, for Runge to head into a heavy sci-fi film after the success of The Wife, a film that revolved around the increasingly strained marriage of Joan and Joe Castleman, the latter of which has just received the Nobel Prize for literature.


After Close’s Golden Globes success, there remains a solid chance that she could also take home an Academy Award for her towering performance next month.


The lead roles for Stardream are currently being cast, and the current plan is for a summer shoot that will take place in the UK.



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