‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Most Pirated Film Of 2014 | Film News


The Wolf of Wall Street has bagged a title we’re not sure its cast and crew will be particularly thrilled about, it is officially the most pirated film of 2014. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Wall street crook, Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street thrilled audiences with its titillating subject matter and knockout performances. People use plenty of excuses to justify pirating movies (too expensive, lack of release etc) and it seems those who were desperate to watch Martin Scorsese‘s drama/comedy found theirs pretty easily, because the film was illegally downloaded a whopping “30.035 million times between Jan. 1 and Dec. 23, 2014”, according to Yahoo! Sigh, that’s a lot of people not paying for their movies, which is – because it seems over 30 million people have forgotten – stealing.



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